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Ferta is a very militaristic country and is ruled by a monarchy. The crown is passed to the eldest child, regardless of gender, but is can not be passed down until the Heir has a legitimate child of their own who is at least 3 years of age. Women are treated as equals alongside men especially among the common folk. Their lives are simple so all able bodies are often needed. Men are not the sole providers of the family, however women will stop working to take care of a newly born child. Communities are arranged around families.

All children are enrolled in school at age 8. There, they learn how to read and write. At 9 children are assigned simple jobs within the community (note takers, messengers, etc.) These jobs utilize the children’s newly leaned skills of reading and writing, and are only for a few hours so that the children can continue to help their parents at work or at home. Usually home especially when there is a newborn. Older children especially will take care of the younger siblings. At 15 all children are enlisted in military school at the capitol where they train and live. Within those two years, they are given one two-month leave when all of the children are given leave to return home and visit their families. Military school lasts for a mandatory minimum of 2 years upon which, the students can then decide if they want to continue or return back to their families.


At 9 all royal children begin their education with how the realm is conducted, statistics, and how to act as a military figurehead. At this age, the children are no longer allowed to act however they want in public and as a result the family is run very militaristically. Decorum and presentation are both very strict within the royal family. At 15 the royal children are also enrolled within the military school along with the common folk children and are also expected to live in the school dorms. After their mandatory 2 years of military school, they begin their training in psionics. Royal children are not given leave to marry until they pass their 6th level of their chosen life occupation (class). Levels run as such: At level 1 they are Novices. Levels 2-3 they are Apprentices. Levels 4-6 they are Journeymen and will shadow an elder of their same occupation. This is usually an elder relative. At level 7 they have become a First Class Adept and are considered completely self-reliant adults. They are given permission or marry and can enter into any tactic and battle discussion (while they had observed these conversations, especially as Journeymen, they weren’t permitted to take part in the discussion). However, they aren’t given soldiers of their own until they become a Fifth Class Adept (level 11 in their class).


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